Reliasset® helps your business achieve the highest possible profits from your assets regardless of which platform you currently apply to your assets.


In order to offer our customers complete solutions, we supplement our consultant services with sales of advanced systems of high quality and applicability, which we implement in relation to the specific business needs.

Contact us at for advice on which maintenance system suits your business the best.

Infor EAM

Infor EAM is a management system which enables the organisation to monitor the condition and performance of the asset activities, find general tendencies, monitor stock, and using this information in order to make decisions regarding the maintenance within the budget.


The system adjusts to the specific business process, in order for the business to effectively manage all work regarding the assets.

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For the businesses that wish to reduce their CO2 emissions through process optimisation, Reliasset® also offers consulting within Infor EAM ASE.


With Asset Sustainability Edition, the organisation can register their energy consumption in detail, which enables it to identify and reduce energy waste.


By monitoring energy waste, the system can produce automatic support orders to an employee which the business can use to actively maintain energy saving activities.

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