Reliasset® offers a variety of services with the goal of improve the performed maintenance. By advising the business on the correct appliance of maintenance, and relating this to the specific service demands and budgets of the company, we are able to consult both on a strategic and operational level.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Reliability Centred Maintenance is a well-documented method of completing improvements of the reliability of assets.


By conducting an RCM-analysis, a complete set of maintenance plans is achieved in order to identify which assets need maintenance, as well as which error-types are not preventable by maintenance.


With the application of the new maintenance plans, supported by any modifications, the assets show a higher level of reliability. By applying this method, the long-term profits will often supersede the short-term.

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Trimmed Maintenance

An advanced version of Lean Maintenance aimed at maintenance organisations. While regular Lean believes maintenance to be waste, Trimmed Maintenance sees is as a value creating activity, as it projects that the right maintenance can provide a higher level of asset reliability and productivity, which ultimately contributes to profit.


Reliasset® offers Trimmed Maintenance in three steps of development:


1.    Improvement potential and goals – An intensive process of 2 weeks.
Reliasset® completes a preliminary analysis, which clarifies business goals and improvement potential. A plan is conducted for an improvement process on a short and intermediate term.


2.    Implementation of improvements – Defined projects of 3-6 weeks.
The improvement process is completed in the organisation during the project in order to create lasting improvements through the implantation of specific methods.     


3.    New goals and continual improvements-  A reoccurring process of 1 week.
As Trimmed Maintenance develops together with the organisation, Reliasset® completes a yearly project with evaluation of the new goals and plans for the improvement process.

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Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

A risk analysis method, which enables an identification of potential error conditions based on previous experiences with similar products or processes. FMEA is used to produce the optimal maintenance plan, in order to avoid future errors in the system.